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Share-a-View ( Screenshot Event )

* Share-a-View & Share-your-View * Screenshot Event *

Share a view of blueland with your character and share us your view on Alpha Luna!

* Mechanices *

~ Capture a screenshot of your character with a great background view. Your character's name must be in the screenshot. Use F12 to screenshot, User Interface must be hidden (CTRL+Z to toogle the UI).

~ Post the screenshot to you own Facebook Timeline with the following caption: Your IGN, What you love most in Alpha Luna and what you would like to see in the future for Alpha Luna.

~ Post the screenshot in PUBLIC with hashtag #AlphaLuna. Tag Alpha Luna page, and input the following links: "".

~ Comment the link of your character's screenshot in this post along with your IGN. One entry per player only.

* Categories *

~There will be 3 categories and each entry can win in all 3 Categories!

1. Social Media's Favorite - 3 winners with the post which contains the most likes.

2. Jaren's choice - 3 Winners for the best caption chosen by me.

3. Over-All best screenshot and caption 1 winner chosen by the whole Alpha Team.


* Prize *

~ Participating players with legible entries will receive Level 40-79 Philosopher Stone x3.

~ Social Media's Favorite - 10x philo stones 40-79 + 5,000 alpha coins.

~ Jaren's Choice - 5x each enchant scrolls weapon, armor and accessory 40-79 + 5,000 alpha coins.

~ Over-all Best Screenshot - 10x each enchant scrolls weapon, armor and accessory 40-79 + 10,000 alpha coins.


Deadline: May 21, 2018 00:00:00 Server Time