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7/15 Patch Notes - Maintenance Changes
System Changes and Improvements:
1. Raid Boss Tarintus properly gives random lucky box now.
2. Raid Boss Kierra properly gives exp, gold and random lucky box now.
3. Dying in towns no longer lowers your EXP (Alker Harbor & Nera Village only).
4. Grappler is now available at Howling Ravine.
5. Fixed some system & interface messages.
6. Fixed some tooltips & items names.
7. Fixed some mounts & monsters name.
8. Laito achievement now works properly when killing that boss.
9. Mysterious Amethyst Shard can now be constructed.
10. Special bosses no longer drop pinsirs.
11. Treasure Hunter Skills and some dagger skill damage system has been updated to scale with Physical Attack.
12. Gems drop from mobs removed (bosses and date dungeon monsters excluded).

Item Changes:
1. Megingjord (belt) from lucky box 1 is now tradable and able to be stored.
2. Flowerpots (head piece) from lucky box 3 are now tradable and able to be stored.
3. Glasses from lucky box 4 are now tradable and able to be stored.
4. Earth Essences are now tradable and able to be stored.
5. Belt of Darkness & Tiny Crystal (7 days) from gold fishes are now tradable and able to be stored.
6. Map move & open warehouse scroll (3 days) from lucky box 3 & 4 are now tradable and able to be stored.
7. Crystal of Time (red) drops exp scroll+20% (it's the same item from crystal of protection).
8. Exp Scroll+20% is now tradable and able to be stored.

Skill Changes:
1. Kierra's Holy Taker base damage removed.
2. Diabloc Instinct now gives properly critical damage %.
3. Treasure Hunter skills and some dagger skills' base damage were lowered to adjust it properly to the new system.

Item Mall:
1. Added Slime head accessories.
2. Removed Earth Essences (they were moved to Tasartia).

Monsters no longer drop Soccer Balls.
We hope you enjoyed the event!

7/05 Patch Notes - World Cup Event and Bug Fixes
Feature Changes:
1. Added new maps and new level achievements
2. Added new titles for the achievements

Item Changes:
1. Added event costume
2. Added item mall wings
3. Stacking 100% scrolls no longer reduce duration while offline
4. Fixed some item base stats (physical and magical attack )
5. Fixed back items reducing movement speed while in combat
6. Fixed Construction cost

Skill Changes:
1. Rampage Aura, Berserker - Attackspeed now also affects skill attackspeed

System improvements:
1. Added zakandia mines, howling caves and distorted crack into map move scrolls.
2. Fixed some system messages
3. Fixed some mount names
4. Fixed some tooltips
5. Dex now affects crit rate and strike 2x as much.
6. Agility now affects evasion 2x as much.
7. Level 79+ Enchant scrolls and philosopher stones are available at Tasartia

Soccer balls!
Soccer balls drop everywhere in blueland and you can obtain them for some reinforce items, enchant items, philosopher stones or a 30-day soccer costume piece.
Thanks to Juan for his suggestion in accordance to the world cup!

6/21 Patch Notes - Bug Fix Maintenance
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed Crafting Table.
2. Changed autonote interface to properly show the letters.
3. Change autonote puzzle to better see the letters.
4. Fixed multiple tooltips.
5. Added 2 new costumes. Samurai / Empress (Pdef set) and Hanbok (Mdef set ).
6. Added Aura system for the 2 costumes (Samurai / Empress adds 5% pdef to nearby party members ) (Hanbok adds 5% Mdef to nearby party members ).

6/15 Patch Notes - Level Cap increase patch
System Changes:
1. Soft Level Cap increased from level 60 to level 90.
2. Nera Village, Valley of Fairy, Ghost Tree Swamp, Lair of Kierra, Dark Portal, Distorted Crack has been opened.
3. A new passive skill for 4th tier and 5th tier jobs have been added. (More info on this later).
4. A new upgrading system has been added. (More info on this later).
5. Added Autonote system - use the autonote on a suspected player using a bot, it will disconnect him if it is a bot.
6. Fixed the bug with transfering items through mail.
7. Updated the Construct list to follow Luna Classic construction table.
8. Added the new maps into map move scroll.
9. Enchant Protection scroll has been updated , it no longer brings down enchantment, however lowers the success rate. It is now also available in the item mall with a limit of 5 per account per day.
10. Using app changer on weapons now properly shows the proper appearance glow of the weapon.(edited).

Item Upgrade:
~Item Upgrade is a new system added to further increase the capabilities of your character through the items.
~Item Upgrade gains bonus base stats for each level.
~To upgrade or level up an item, you need another item of the same exact kind.
~Be sure to put your main item on the left hand side.
~The material item (the duplicate item) will then be consumed by the main item.
~Rare items gain more effectiveness when upgraded.

Advanced Passives:
~Advanced Passives are similar to the old job passives, but they are only available for 4th and 5th jobs.
~You gain the advanced passives as soon as you change your job.
~Advanced Passives allow you to gain more stats favoring towards pure paths.

Advanced Passive Skill Table
Lv 1. [Adv. Passive]Physical Attack 1%
Lv 2. [Adv. Passive]Physical Attack 3%
Lv 3. [Adv. Passive]Physical Attack 10%
Lv 1. [Adv. Passive]Critical Rate 1%
Lv 2. [Adv. Passive]Critical Rate 2%
Lv 3. [Adv. Passive]Critical Rate 5%
Lv 1. [Adv. Passive]Physical Defense 1%
Lv 2. [Adv. Passive]Physical Defense 3%
Lv 3. [Adv. Passive]Physical Defense 10%
Lv 1. [Adv. Passive]HP 1%
Lv 2. [Adv. Passive]HP 3%
Lv 3. [Adv. Passive]HP 10%
Lv 1. [Adv. Passive]Attack Speed 1%
Lv 2. [Adv. Passive]Attack Speed 2%
Lv 3. [Adv. Passive]Attack Speed 5%
Lv 1. [Adv. Passive]Accuracy 2
Lv 2. [Adv. Passive]Accuracy 5
Lv 3. [Adv. Passive]Accuracy 15
Lv 1. [Adv. Passive]Cooldown Reduction 1%
Lv 2. [Adv. Passive]Cooldown Reduction 3%
Lv 3. [Adv. Passive]Cooldown Reduction 10%
Lv 1. [Adv. Passive]Critical Damage 1%
Lv 2. [Adv. Passive]Critical Damage 2%
Lv 3. [Adv. Passive]Critical Damage 5%
Lv 1. [Adv. Passive]Magic Attack 1%
Lv 2. [Adv. Passive]Magic Attack 3%
Lv 3. [Adv. Passive]Magic Attack 10%
Lv 1. [Adv. Passive]Movement Speed 1%
Lv 2. [Adv. Passive]Movement Speed 3%
Lv 3. [Adv. Passive]Movement Speed 10%
Lv 1. [Adv. Passive]Evasion 2
Lv 2. [Adv. Passive]Evasion 5
Lv 3. [Adv. Passive]Evasion 15
Lv 1. [Adv. Passive]Range 1m
Lv 2. [Adv. Passive]Range 2m
Lv 3. [Adv. Passive]Range 3m
Lv 1. [Adv. Passive]Bonus Healing 1%
Lv 2. [Adv. Passive]Bonus Healing 2%
Lv 3. [Adv. Passive]Bonus Healing 5%
Lv 1. [Adv. Passive]Magic Defense 1%
Lv 2. [Adv. Passive]Magic Defense 3%
Lv 3. [Adv. Passive]Magic Defense 10%
Lv 1. [Adv. Passive]Magical Crit Rate 1%
Lv 2. [Adv. Passive]Magical Crit Rate 2%
Lv 3. [Adv. Passive]Magical Crit Rate 5%

Fighter Job List
Note: +1 means the job automatically levels up the passive by 1, +2 by 2 and +3 by 3.

PHALANX - P.Def +1 , HP +1
KNIGHT - AttackSpeed +1, Accuracy + 1
GLADIATOR - Criticla Rate +1, P.atk +1
RUNEKNIGHT - Cooldown Reduc + 1
PALADIN - P.def + 2, HP + 2
PANZER - P.def + 1, Atkspd +1, P.atk +1, CDR + 1, Crit Damage + 3
CRUSADER - Pdef + 1, Atkspd + 1, P.atk +1, CDR + 1, Magic Attack + 3
DESTROYER - Crit Rate + 2, P.atk +2
SWORDMASTER - AttackSpeed + 2, Accuracy + 2

Phalanx -> Swordmaster will get = Level 1 pdef, level 1 HP, Level 2 Attackspeed, Level 2 Accuracy
Knight -> Swordmaster will get = Level 3 Attackspeed, Level 3 Accuracy

Rogue Job List

RANGER - Critical Damage + 1, Strike + 1
TREASUREHUNTER - Movement Speed +1 , Evasion +1
ASSASSIN - Criticla Rate +1, Physical Attack + 1
RUNEWALKER - Cooldown Reduction +1
SNIPER - Critical Damage +1, Movement speed +1, Critical Rate +1, Attackspeed +1, Range +3
ENTRAPPER - Movement Speed +2, Evasion +2
BLADETAKER - Critical Rate +2 , Physical Attack +2
TEMPLARMASTER - Cooldown Reduction +2
ARCHRANGER - Critical Damage +2, Strike +2

Mage Job List

BISHOP - Bonus Healing +1
WARLOCK - Magic Attack + 1
INQUIRER - Magic Defense +1 Critical Damage +1
ELEMENTAL MASTER - Cooldown Reduction + 1
CARDINAL - Healing +2
SOUL ARBITER - CDR +1, Healing +1, M.atk +1, Mag. Def+1, Magical Crit Rate +3
GRAND MASTER - Magic Attack + 2
NECROMANCER - MAgic Defense +2, Critical Damage +2
RUNE MASTER - Cooldown Reduction +2

Auto Note:
You can auto note a suspected bot to try to disconnect them from the game.
Once you're the one who get auto-noted. You have to answer the captcha. there will be 4 letters, click on the letters on the right order and you should be able to continue on.

5/31 Patch Notes - Bug Fix Patch
Bug Fixes:
1. Damage Calculations and Physical and Magical Attack calculations fixed.
2. Casting Speed not working bug, fixed.
3. Auto-Sort bug Fixed.
4. Map background music changed for Red Orc, Zakandia and Tarintus.
5. Enchant Cost reduced.
6. Howling Cave monsters damage reduced by a bit.

5/23 Patch Notes - Important Changes
Bug Fixes:
-Damage and Crit Bugs.
-Chat Linked items missing underline.
-bloodstream hp requirement.
-Some skill damage bugs.
-Removed unused items from being obtained from destruct.

System Changes:
-Updated Damage calculation.
-Updated character stats calculation (Physical attack, magical attack, physical defense and magical defense ).
-New Feature - Inventory Auto Sort - Sorts inventory according to a specific order. (Planning to be enhanced on next updates with different sort orders).
-Battle Arena Map is now open.
-Added Achievement Filters (So you can filter out rewards available for collection).
-Enchant cost calculation updated - enchant cost no longer grows very large at higher enchants.
-Linked item - Linked items in chat will now show quantity.
-Gold Carp, Gold Terrapin, Shining Garbage - Increased chance of obtaining in all types of waters.

Skill changes:
-Bloody sky - reduced chance of burn, reduced burn damage.
-Bloodstream - reduced hp requirement.
-Return to bind - removed MP cost.

Item Changes:
-Gold Carp, Gold Terrapin, Shiny Garbage content - Added enchant scrolls and enchant protections.
-Megaphone - price reduced to 1,000 gold.
-Tiny Crystal Stone, Dirty Predator Trap, Dark Messenger Ring, Flickering Magic Earring, Breath of the dead - Added extra effects.
-Powerful Worm, Fast worm - added extra stats.
-Old Costumes - Updated Stats.
-New Costume - Street Fighter and Setting Sun, Rising Moon.
-Lucky Box 3rd will be available in the item mall.

Monster Changes:
-Monsters inside Haunted Mines - Removed reinforce stone drop, replaced with unindentified Gem.
-Monster stats had no change, however there will be changes to damage they take and damage they deal.

5/18 Patch Notes - Maintenance Changes
System Improvements:
1. Updated Attack / Damage Calculations - This is currently in a testing phase, will do appropriate changes in the future if needed.
2. Date Dungeon exp slider - Exp slider now works.
3. Experience for level 60 - will not drop below 0%.
4. Unidentified Gems - Lowered the drop of some mobs having more than 10% drop (excluding bosses).