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Hey, Alphandas! A donation bonus of 20% alpha coins is currently available until end of July. The patch notes of the latest update (7-15) are available to read in our discord and patch notes section!

Hey everyone! We've released an update to fix a couple of bugs (see the patch notes). But also, we decided to add an event in accordance to the world cup. Every monster in blueland will drop soccer balls, you can open them to obtain some rewards (gems, soccer outfit 30d, enchants and philo stones). Server EXP and DROP rate were increased from x1 to...
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Hey everyone! We've added the 'Patch Notes' section where you will be able to read and keep track of every update we release. We still invite you to join us on discord to know what's coming before we even post anything here!

Good day Everyone! We will have our patch maintenance today (5/23) at 7:30AM server time (Approximately 1 hour from the time of this post). Maintenance will last no longer than 1 hour and will include quite a few number of changes. Patch notes will be posted later! Be sure to log off before the maintenance begins to avoid any inconvenience. Than

* Share-a-View & Share-your-View * Screenshot Event * Share a view of blueland with your character and share us your view on Alpha Luna! * Mechanices * ~ Capture a screenshot of your character with a great background view. Your character's name must be in the screenshot. Use F12 to screenshot, User Interface must be...
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Good day everyone! You can claim your Archian Packs and Founder Packs through our website. Just login then go to settings. You'll see a section where you can claim your packs. Input your ALO username, password and secondary password to claim the prize. CBT prizes and Founder packs who donated during CBT will be sent tomorrow along with ...
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We are currently making a system for everyone to be able to claim their rewards. We will be giving you a way to claim your rewards individually, we will be sending out CBT Rewards and Founders Pack by tomorrow May 9, 2018.

Today, May 8, 2018 our luna adventure begins! We've just closed down our CBT servers and are currently preparing for the OBT! Keep yourselves updated through our website and facebook page and group!