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What is Alpha Luna?
Alpha Luna is a mix of all good features of the Luna Online version that we love;
Luna Online (Classic), Luna Plus and Arch Luna Online. It leans towards Luna Online with the normal experience and drop rate.
Alpha Luna's mission is to provide a fun, yet challenging game play, and the nostalgic feel of playing Luna Online.
We designed features to make it easier for players to level up, gain stats and improve their characters.
We have also enabled features that will give players a fun PvP experience with Party Wars and upcoming Guild Tournament and Castle Sieges.

Agility is a new character stat that increases your Evasion, Attack Speed and Movement Speed. You can use your stat points per level to increase your agility.
Agility is also obtainable from various items as well as using Amethyst as your reinforcement gem onto the gloves and shoes.

Achievements and Titles

Achievement System:
Press Y to open the Achievement Window. Achievements are records that your character has attained. There are multiple types of achievements which you can accomplish and complete. Some achievements reward you with either gold, an item or a title.

Title System
Press L to open the Title Window. Titles give you a small buff, each title has a different buff to offer.

Enchant System
The Enchant System is a revised version of Luna Plus' enchant system.
In the enchant window you'll see the item's success rate, degrade rate and failure rate.
Success rate is the chance of which the enchantment will be successful and increase your enchant level by 1.
Degrade rate is the chance of which the enchantment will not be successful and decrease your enchant level by 1.
Failure rate is the chance of which the enchantment will not be successful and the item will be destroyed.

Each item has a different rate based on how rare the item is.
You can enchant an item up to +15 and there are checkpoints where your item cannot go below that enchant level which are 7 and 12.
Protection scrolls are used to remove the failure rate and assure the item will have no chance of breaking, however does not guarantee success.
Enchant scrolls are available at material merchant in Alker Harbor, Drops from monsters in all maps and from the item mall.

Reinforce System has been revised to make it easier for item reinforcements.
You can reinforce an item with 1 single gem and there are no chances of failing.
The gems are graded into tiers, I, II, III....up to VII. The higher the gem grade, the better the stats you can get.
You can increase a gem tier through construction window and mixing 2 of the same kind. For example Ruby II + Ruby II = 1 Ruby III.
You can only use 1 type of gem per item.
Gems can be obtained by killing monsters or opening an unidentified gem. Unidentified gems are dropped all around Blueland.

Gem List:

Ruby ( STR )
Amethyst ( AGI )
Emerald ( DEX )
Opal ( VIT )
Aquamarine( INT )
Sapphire( WIS )
Orichalcum( P.atk )
Moonstone ( M.atk )
Litheon ( Critical Rate)
Durelin ( P.def )
Argentum ( M.def )
Thunder Crystal( Strike / Accuracy )
Wind Crystal( Evasion )
Fairy Wings ( Movement Speed )
Heart Stone ( HP )
Mana Stone ( MP )
Life Stone ( HP Regen )
Mind Stone ( MP Regen )

In-game Item Mall
The item mall is available in-game by clicking on the SHOP icon right beside the mini-map.
You can select the category of the item you need and look for the item in that category.
Gifting is also possible by clicking on an item and sending it as a gift by entering the name to whom you want it to be sent.
After buying an item, the item is sent directly into your item mall storage which is the bag icon right beside the mini map.

There are items which have limits on them:
Purchase Limit - means your character can only buy this item once.

Daily limit - means your character can buy this once per day. (Resets at 12mn server time)

Weekly limit - means your character can buy this item once per week. (Resets at 12mn Monday server time)

Monthly limit - means your character can buy this item once per month. (resets at 1st of month at 12mn server time)

Account limit - means your character can buy this item once per account.

There will also be Limited Items and Sale Items:
Limited Items: shows a limited icon with a timer, this means the item will only be on sale during that period of time.

Sale Items: shows a sale icon with a timer, this means the item is on sale and is at a lower price than usual during that period of time.

Party War
Party war is a system made for 2 parties have a group war for as small as 1v1 to 7v7.
You can start a party war by clicking on the "War" button in the party window while having any member of their party selected.
You can then select which of your members will join the party war as well as how many lives for each member.
Once everything is set, you can then start the war and start battling!

Appearance Changers
Appearance Changer allows you to alter the appearance of an item.
You can change weapon, armor, backpieces and costume's appearance into another one.
You will need to have the material that you want to copy and the appearance changer will consume it.
You can also reset the appearance of an item by using the appearance reset item.

Preview Item Box
Item boxes such as lucky boxes have various items inside them and you can view all possible contents by double right clicking on the item.
You can then see a list of possible items you can get.
If there are multiple pages, you can go through each page and see what other items you can get.
You can get 1 item from each page. So if there is 5 pages, means you can get 5 items out of that box.

Preview Monster Drop
Monsters drop various items and you can use this feature to be sure you're killing the right monster if you're looking for a specific item.
You can see the list of items a monster drops by clicking on the bag icon right beside the monsters HP bar when you click on them.
The bag will then pop up a page that will show you what items are available from that monster and the chances of that item to drop is.
Using item drop bonus buffs like Lucky Hunter, Titles and Gear will increase the % chance of the items dropping.
Note: 0.00% means the drop is less than 0.01 but can still be dropped.

View Player Equipment
You can try to see someone else's gears by viewing their equipment.
Right click on the character you want to see the items and click on View Equipment.
This will open up your inventory but is now showing the target's items.
Just close and open the inventory once again to return back to your items.